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Welcome to our website, where you'll find information on many of the things we have done thus far, and are doing right now – and are aiming to do, going forward. And from time to time, we'll include other topics we think you'll find of interest. The Quicksilver  project has many facets. We hope there'll be something here for everybody with an interest in our efforts to regain the World Water Speed Record for Britain and inspire the next generation.

Tech Zone

Insights into the engineering aspects of the project, for the technically-minded.


Statement on Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.


It's needing a lot of skills. We're acknowledging the people who've unselfishly provided them.


What's driven us to strive for something that's so difficult to accomplish?


Those invaluable suppliers of equipment, materials, manufacturing expertise and special facilities.

Members’ Register

Listing the individuals, businesses and institutions in our official supporters' club – the Corporate Club.

Our Logo

Symbolism, emotion, the values underpinning our bold aesthetic. What's in a name?

Talk of the Town

Spreading the word, raising the profile of Britain's bid for the World Water Speed Record.

Art Gallery

Photographers see beauty in what we do – pointing a lens, capturing a fleeting feeling.

Celebrating Speed

British go-go-go inspires us. Here are some examples for your delectation.

Inspirations Book

These stirring stories are a fund-raiser too. Buy the book and back the boat!