Celebrating Speed

Those dashing Brits

This section of the website is devoted to sensational British achievements in the realm of speed we draw inspiration from. We're celebrating speed in many forms. In the air and on water, on rails, on the roads and on racetracks on two wheels and on four, and even in sub-orbital space!

At the frontiers of speed-science, testing metal and mettle, imagining the unimagined, taking technology to new places. Pioneering and adventurous spirits through the generations blaze fresh trails.

Speed-science invigorates minds and lifts hearts. Bold individuals, here celebrated along with their fantastic machines, create exciting possibilities for us all.

"BloodhoundSSC" image © David Isaac / IoM TT image Courtesy of Isle of Man TT organisation, reproduced with copyright-holders' permission / Howard Pixton image Courtesy of Stella Pixton / Fairey Delta 2 image © Fairey Aviation / Dieselmax image © JCB / Land Rover BAR image © Lloyd Images / Mini Cooper image © Nigel Macknight / Percival Mew Gull image © Paul Smith / "VSS Enterprise" image © Virgin Galactic / Mallard image by 4975darwin - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link