"A People Project"

The advancement of the Quicksilver  project would only have been possible thanks to the participation of people from a wide variety of backgrounds with a broad spectrum of skills. Everyone who has helped toward our goal of returning the World Water Speed Record to Britain has played an important part, but none more so than those who have contributed their time and skills voluntarily, dovetailing their efforts on the project with their own commitments elsewhere.

Each skill that has come into play has suited the project’s objectives at a given time. Aerodynamics, structures, electronics, computing and propulsion are just some of fields of activity.

But there are other skills, beyond engineering, that are just as important – skills that are not directly needed for the boat itself but are nevertheless vital to the functioning of a modern speed-record project. The creation and development of this website is one example! Just the same, skill, care and commitment are needed.

Some people stay with the project a long time – indeed, some of the earliest participants are still closely involved. Others join in and help for a short time, then move on to other things, but their contribution is still valued. Whatever they do and for however long, it has enabled the project to maintain that key element, momentum.

Our volunteers are from all over the country, and have over the course of time pooled their skills in a way that is totally unique for this type of project.

The following individuals are gratefully acknowledged for their contributions of time, effort and skill – whether past or present or both – to the progressive growth and many successes of the Quicksilver  project.

Richard Ainge – Graphic design

Caroline Ainscow – Events

Derek Ainscow – Events

Nicole Alridge – Events

Marcus Atkin – Design engineering

Robert Atkinson – On-board systems

Alex Barker – Manufacturing with composite materials

Tom Bexx – Website

Ali Bolton – Events

David Bolton – Website

Jeremy Bouckley – Events

Bridget Bourne – Merchandising and events

Steve Bourne – Merchandising and events

Andy Brown – Mechanical engineering

Rosie Burns – Company Secretary

Lorne Campbell – Marine Architect

Dr. John Challans – On-board systems

Nigel Christopher – Model testing

Mike Collins – Photography

Steve Cook – Design engineering

Simon Connell – On-board systems

Mike Coulthard – Structures/dynamics

Hilton Craven – Safety engineering

Phil Cubitt – Cockpit and radio communications

Stuart Delf – Modelmaking

Phil Edwards – Modelmaking

Mark Evans – Structures

Ray Freeman – Project management

Jim Gaughan – Technician

Stuart Gaughan – Technician

Russell Greaves – Website

Mike Green – Aerodynamics

Phil Harness – Paints and coatings

Tim Harrison – Design engineering

Simon Hart – Structures

Nick Howarth – Propulsion system (jetpipe adaptor)

Leigh Hunt – Design engineering

David Johnson – Composite materials

John Kirby – Facilities maintenance

Colin Langwade – On-board systems

Dan Lindfield – Conceptual design and model testing

Ed Lupton – Patternmaking

Daphne Macknight – Events

Dr. Tony Maddison – Structures (Bonding)

Fred Marshall – Corporate Club Founder/Chairman

Maxine Matthews – Accounts (Company Secretary) and events

Eileen Measures – Events

Tim Measures – Events

Stuart Mitchell – On-board systems

David Nash – Craft maintenance

Gary Orgles – Printing

Dave Pearman – Propulsion

Ed Pither – On-board systems

Graham Pool – Propulsion system

Mick Powell – Events

Becca Roberts – Admin and events

Dr. Gordon Robinson – CFD

Gerry Rohling – Website

Max Römer – Website

John Selby – Events

John Shinton – Modelmaking

Christina Shaw – Events

Roland Snell – Structures

James Snow – Events

John Stamp – Vinyls

Jeff Stansfield – Technician

Mike Steele – Events

Sam Tobin – Design engineering

Jonathan Tubb – Fuel system

John Whitbread – VT specialist

Bruce White – Modelmaking and model testing

Jeff White – Patternmaking

Geof Whitnall – Commercial

Chris Witty – Sponsorship planning

William Woodhouse – Technician