Going extra miles

Every contributor to the project can be regarded as a sponsor, howsoever they assist. But specifically on this page, we are spotlighting the firms that have between them provided almost all of the materials, equipment, manufacturing skills and specialist services and facilities that have enabled us to reach the point we are at now.

Buying the specialised equipment and facilities required to build a boat as sophisticated as Quicksilver  would have cost many millions of pounds, and it made no economic sense for us to raise such huge investment to produce a one-off. Alternatively, paying for the use of such equipment and facilities would still have required a very substantial sum of money, and this did not appear to us to be the right option either. So instead, we ask third-parties who are already geared-up with the things we need to assist us as a form of sponsorship – leaving us free to undertake the role and responsibility of being the design authority for the boat and project-manage virtually everything related to it.

With the benefit of their state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, and the specialist expertise they've accumulated over many years, we are able to produce a boat affordably that has top quality built-in as standard.

We have also had the benefit of supporting services ranging from graphic-design, website creation and event organisation, to catering, logistical operations and storage. And all of this, too, has come from professionals who know their specific businesses inside out and have been willing to assist us in our quest.

Wide-reaching collaboration built a resilient project that's creating a world-class boat.


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