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Badge of honour

When Nigel chose metallic silver as the theme colour for the project, the name Quicksilver  spontaneously followed. The bold aesthetic honours two British speed-record aces of yesteryear, John Cobb and George Eyston, whose most famous machines were silver.

Symbolism's alive in the Quicksilver  logo, which Nigel created with his friends, Nottingham graphic-designer brothers Terry and Brian Godfrey. Flowing lines evoke the nature and dynamism of water and air, while vivid colours in the wave underscoring the name signify combustion. The distinctive blue wave set within the letter Q  honours two more British speed-record heroes, Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell, with their iconic Bluebirds.

The Quicksilver  logo pictured here is displayed on the boat's port sponson.

Our logo on the side of the boat

Image © QWSR Ltd.