Alfatronix – Electric powerhouse

Alfatronix develops and manufactures battery chargers, power-supply equipment and voltage converters for the automotive, communications, marine and railway industries. They were already old friends of ours, being longstanding members of the Quicksilver  Corporate Club. So when the need arose for voltage converters for the boat, we wasted no time in requesting further assistance.

The company's headquarters are in Poole, Dorset. There is also an Alfatronix subsidiary in France. The voltage converters in Alfatronix's PowerVerter range have been optimised for high-volume 24VDC-to-12VDC applications, such as on heavy goods vehicles, coaches, buses, construction, forestry and agricultural vehicles, and marine vessels in both the commercial and leisure spheres.

Quicksilver's  main electrical system operates at 24 volts DC. A typical example of the use of a voltage converter on the boat is to reduce the voltage to the 12 volts required for the operation of the on-board radio communication system.

Pictured here is one such voltage converter: an Alfatronix PV12i unit that is awaiting installation in the cockpit area.

Image © QWSR Ltd.