Inspirations Acknowledgements

Many thanks

Valiant. Sir Ben Ainsley

This page acknowledges and thanks the individuals and organisations that made Inspirations possible. It mirrors the Credits page at the front of the book itself.

Written and published by Nigel Macknight

Book Design: Richard Ainge

As well as Richard, the author wishes to especially thank:
Russell Greaves, Phill Jukes, Mike Steele, Geof Whitnall
and “E. J.” and the Red Arrows

Kirsten Brukman, Graham Earl, Chris Frame, Nicky Jackson

IBM ThinkPad from OCF
with thanks to Julian Fielden and Steve Reynolds

Printed by Butler Tanner & Dennis Ltd.

Club Quicksilver Plus+ supporters (they made a small but welcome financial contribution to the book's publication):

Angus Grey
James E. Pearce Ltd. Specialist Coachbuilders
Julian and Sue Martin
Maureen and Chris Cleaver
Mervin Pratt
Neil, Pippa and Alex Dempster
Stuart and Jim Gaughan
Tim Wildgust

Photo acknowledgements:

Front cover and pages 56/57, 59, 60, 62/63, 65, 66-68 – Red Arrows images
© E. J. van Koningsvelt

pages 1-3, 5, 26/27, 29, 34-39, 41, 43-45, 83-87 – Red Arrows, QE2, Sheila Scott, Mike Hailwood and '9/11' images
© Press Association
with thanks to Joel Tegerdine

pages 6/7, 49/50, 70-75, 77, 79-81 – Space Shuttle and Apollo images
with thanks to Gary Orgles and Tim Harrison

pages 8, 11, 23, 24, 46 – Radshape, Mike Green, ATC and Sheila Scott images
© Nigel Macknight

page 9 – Nigel Macknight image
with thanks to Steve Hill

page 11 – Graham Pool image
with thanks to Dr. John Challans

pages 12/13 – Quicksilver image
with thanks to Mike Steele, UPEX

page 19 – English Electric/BAC Lightning image
© George Canciani

page 30 – QE2 image
© University of Glasgow Archive Services,
John Brown Engineering (Clydebank) Ltd.
collection, GB 0248 UGC 175/QE2/002

pages 32/33 – QE2 image
© National Records of Scotland,
UCS1/118/736/3130, Photograph of QE2
leaving Clydebank for Greenock, 1968

pages 53, 54 – Tommy Cooper images
© Mirrorpix
with thanks to Melanie Sambells

page 89 – Donald Campbell funeral image
with thanks to Matthew Ridley

pages 90/91 – Donald Campbell image
© The Estate of Keith Medley
with grateful appreciation to Keith's family and to the late John Lomax

pages 93-95 – Howard Pixton images
via Stella Pixton

Back cover – Quicksilver image
with thanks to Robert Rathbone

Images this page © Mike Collins